Best Place to Buy a Holiday Home in the UK

With summer coming up, more Brits are considering their options for a second home mortgage, and you guessed it; a holiday home!

One of the first things that come to mind, after the financial factor, is where to buy a holiday home.

There are plenty of options spread across the UK – how do you make the ideal choice?

For most people, choosing a holiday home comes down to several factors as follows:

  • Location, location, location!
  • Climate
  • Cost of property (affordability)
  • Crime rate
  • The people

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We did the legwork for you!

Check out our top pick of the best places to buy a holiday home in the UK.

Where to Buy the Best Holiday Homes in South West England

New Forest District

New Forest isn’t just gorgeous but enjoys around 217 hours of sunshine per month, which is much more than most places.

It is no surprise that it’s a tourist hotspot, with the national park’s beautiful trees towering over the area.

This area is exceptional for families and couples, with many opportunities for walking, camping, and canoeing.

And to top it all off, there’s something for thrill-seekers, too: a theme park!

Water quality is excellent, and you can expect the average temperature to be around 16 degrees Celsius.

While New Forest is not the cheapest area to invest in, it is considered one of the best. Check out Brockenhurst and Lymington.


Spanning the north coast of Devon, Torridge is a firm favourite for locals and holidaymakers.

You’ll find gems of South West England, such as Westward Ho and the Hartland Devon Heritage Coast, in the area.

Torridge enjoys 186 hours of sunshine per month and has an average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

Beaches, a theme park and an outdoor activity centre, provide all the entertainment one could want while on holiday!

Where to Buy the Best Holiday Homes in South East England


As it turns out, Hastings is one of the best places to buy holiday property in all of England!

It’s vastly popular among holidaymakers and offers swimming, beaches, walks and a plethora of amenities to enjoy.

Hastings enjoys 222 hours of sunshine per month and an average temperature of 17 degrees Celsius.


Canterbury is an area that steals the hearts of many Brits looking for prime holiday homes that provide a wealth of natural beauty and entertainment opportunities.

It also helps that Canterbury hosts not just one but three UNESCO world heritage sites.

These include the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey, the Church of St Martin, and the Canterbury Cathedral.

Canterbury also enjoys a whopping 235 hours of sunshine per month, an average temperature of 17 degrees Celsius and various walks and historical sites for entertainment.

Where to Buy the Best Holiday Homes in the East Midlands and Yorkshire

East Lindsey District

East Lindsey can be found nestled in the coastal district of Lincolnshire.

The area enjoys 193 hours of sunshine each month and an exceptionally low crime rate.

There’s plenty to do and see when holidaying in East Lindsey District, with the most popular attractions including Skegness Beach and Natureland Seal Sanctuary.

Tea rooms, sports bars, pubs, and restaurants also delight visitors.

City of Nottingham

For those who like to holiday in bustling communities that are active and busy, the City of Nottingham is a top pick!

The city is jam-packed with restaurants, bars, shopping malls, sports stadiums, and even night clubs.

With a lively atmosphere and so much to see and do – even open-water swimming – it’s one of the most popular areas to own holiday property.

For sun lovers, the City of Nottingham enjoys 184 hours of sunshine per month.

Where to Buy the Best Holiday Homes in the East Anglia

East Suffolk District

East Suffolk District stands out for holidaymakers who like to swim at some of the best beaches.

As one of the best places to buy a holiday home in East Anglia, East Suffolk offers plenty to do and see.

You can enjoy beach escapes and walks and enjoy the area’s various shops, restaurants, and pubs.

The average temperature in East Suffolk is around 17 degrees Celsius, and the area gets around 222 hours of sunshine per month.

Great Yarmouth District

Another best place to buy a holiday home in East Anglia is Great Yarmouth.

The seafront of Great Yarmouth is known as the “Golden Mile” and those with holiday property in the area can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, outdoor and indoor attractions and even amusement arcades.

Great Yarmouth District enjoys a very low crime rate, around 227 hours of sunshine per month, and average temperatures of 17 degrees Celsius.

How to Buy a Holiday Home in the UK

If you already have a mortgage to pay off your primary home in the UK, you might wonder how it’s possible to buy a second property.

If you’re specifically buying a second property to serve as a holiday home that you will personally use yourself, you will need to apply for a mortgage called a second home mortgage.

This is for property that you don’t plan to rent out to other people.

If you wish to buy a holiday home in England so that you can hire it out to holidaymakers, you will need to apply for a buy-to-let mortgage.

It’s vitally important that your finances are in good order if you’re going to apply for a second home mortgage.

Best Place to Buy a Holiday Home in the UK Conclusion

Spend some time considering which type of mortgage would be best for you, based on your intended purpose for the property.

After that, you should consult with a mortgage expert who can advise you on the requirements for the type of loan you’re looking for.

Applying for a second home mortgage to get a holiday home can be simplified with the help and guidance of a professional.

Keep in mind that second home mortgages often require a 15% deposit.

Call us today on 01925 906 210 or contact us. One of our advisors can talk through all of your options with you.

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